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Saturday, May 20, 2006
  Hot Pink Sucks

It's cold, but not raining at the moment. I miss Alfred, but I'm still mad and jealous too. I just want him to come home, and I want to go away from here.
Thursday, May 18, 2006
  *WARNING*Extensive Rant and Several Cheap, Overused 4-Letter Words Follow *READ AT YOUR OWN RISK*
This week (and last week) have been incredibly busy at work. I've had trainings to go to, trainings to teach, and everything in between going on. On top of that, money has been tight since Alfred came back from his trip to Oregon. We've been about two checks behind on our bills.

Last week when I asked him if we were going to Tim's going away party on Saturday he said that we had a wedding to go to so we couldn't.
All this time I've been hoping he forgot about that stupid wedding, but apparently the sibling of the bride to be wouldn't let that happen.
First off, let me say that I hate these people. They have never given me so much as the time of day. Apparently I just don't fit in with their crowd. That's just fine with me, because if I fit in with them then I'd be worried about myself.

This wedding is in Virginia at the beach, which hopefully gets flooded by a typhoon this weekend. It is on Saturday, but Alfred had to leave today, which is Thursday. The reason for this I assume, is so that Nick, Drew, and any other friends can go out and do that "traditional stupid man shit" that goes on before all stupid "elaborate traditional weddings".

All of this makes me angry because a few weeks after Alfred and I got married we visited them, and their best reaction to our happiness was utter disbelief. They wanted us to go so far as to show them the marriage certificate because they really didn't believe us. I guess since we weren't important or rich or fake enough to have the "elaborate traditional wedding" then ours wasn't as much of an occasion as theirs, and certainly not important enough to even acknowledge.

So this whole bullshit festival has been in the works for around two years now, because that's the apparent minimum allowable timeframe for coordinating the "elaborate traditional wedding".

These people are the most artificial bunch of girls I've ever had the displeasure of meeting. It's not their bodies that are fake, but their personalities, which is the worst and most dangerous variety of fake in my opinion. I can't even begin to fathom what I would be forced to do if I was unlucky enough to be required to suffer through an evening alone with them. I was, however, conveniently invited to the "elaborate traditional wedding shower" which certainly was because they wanted the pleasure of spending an evening with me, and certainly was not because they were interested in the gift(s), which is why I was conveniently made aware of the locations of the lovely couple's registries.

Conveniently enough, I didn't go, nor did I bother to RSVP, whatever the hell that means anyway.

I'm getting off track though. the reason for my bitter attitude isn't entirely because of the fact that I hate and despise the entire wedding party.
The icing on the "elaborate traditional wedding cake" is that Nick, the sibling of the bride to be is notoriously late for any and every thing. Today it was told to Alfred that Nick would be picking him up to begin the nine hour journey at five o' clock in the evening. I get done with work at four o' clock in the afternoon. I assumed that I would have one hour at minimum to spend with my husband helping him to pack and telling him goodbye.

I was in a meeting from two till four and when I emerged, I found a message on my phone from Alfred saying that he was "on his way". I figured that could only mean that he was on his way to see me at work. I called him only to find out that they had gone on their merry way without so much as a kiss goodbye for the old wife.

Obviously this Nick fellow has no respect for our relationship (big surprise) and no concern for my feelings (Amiee who? Amy who?) which leads me to only hate him deeper still.

Provided that these people are not washed out to sea this very weekend and naturally even if they are, I should hope to never have to suffer through their company again.
My husband is too good to be associating with the likes of them, and if we never have to endure their presence again it will be too soon for me.

Naturally, my absence will further seal the idea into their little minds that "Amy is antisocial, Amie is weird, Amee is nothing at all like us (loud; obnoxious; mildly retarded; overweight; unattractive; pothead; fake; plastic; two-faced) etc." That's dandy with me because of course they will be correct.
It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine

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