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Saturday, September 02, 2006

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Thursday, August 31, 2006
  I Need Fall Clothes
Thursday is almost over and soon the three day weekend will be upon us. I have plans to go to a coworker's house on Sunday for a backyard party. She might even make some lawn dice after I suggested the idea to her. I also invited myself to my dad's house for a cookout on Monday. I hope he didn't mind.
I just got caught up on my assignments for school. It's been another crazy busy week at work as well. I have so many projects I'm wrapped up in. I wish I could finish just one.

Yesterday, I decided that I like teacup Poodles. I never liked tiny little frou frou dogs, but I met one who was adorable. He came to my work and he ws just trotting down the hallway like he was the happiest guy in the world. He was content to nap in my cupped hands.


What's it going to take to kill this iPod craze? Even months after the thing should have been old news, they are still coming out with more new iPod furniture, docking stations, etc. I just don't understand this fad. Maybe I don't like music enough or something. I just don't get it. I was just checking out Engadget, which is a great site to learn about the latest electronics. The crap part of it is that everything on there lately is either an iPod ripoff or a real iPod peripheral. Enough already!
Sunday, August 27, 2006
  Ok, Seriously...
Today I really have to do my paper. I don't want to be a procrastinator. I'm drinking some delicious French vanilla almond coffee, so as soon as my magical superpowers kick in, I've got to work. No excuses this time.


I found a few linkworthy sites today. I'm not getting paid to advertise these sites, I just find them particularly useful and/or fun. I hope someone else finds them as cool as I do.

10,000 Reasons is a great place to vent about the things that are causing the decline of civilization. I posted three last night and I wasn't even trying. Some people post stupid things, but the majority are funny and true.

I'm not sure if I ever mentioned it here, but I've been a LookSmart's Furl fan for a long time. I hate clutter, and that includes a cluttered Bookmarks (or Favorites) folder.
The trouble is, there are a lot of sites that I don't want to lose track of. If it's not important enough to have in my Bookmarks, I just Furl it. It's an ingenious thing that I couldn't imagine being without.

is something that I just discovered, and I can't say whether or not the beta is completely stable or not since I haven't had a chance to try it out.
In theory, it's a free, web-based, compatible alternative to MS Office. It includes a spreadsheet, word processor document, and even a presentation.
You can upload your current MS Office project and work on it in a location where you don't have the Office suite.

Maybe it's just me, but once in a while I'm completely amazed by something simple and completely non-technical. I discovered PocketMod last week and immediately put it to use. Sure, I still use my computer based appointment book, but this little thing is handy, clever, and free.

D*I*Y Planner isn't just a calendar. While it has some of the same features as PocketMod only larger, there is much more available here, plus you can make your own templates for others to use. There is a PDA version, which like PocketMod is a small easy to transport version. I'm particularly fond of the Classic GTD Reference and I intend to use it in an upcoming Scheduling and Time Management training.

A while ago I was into tracking everything I ate and drank. While I think it might have had an effect on my health, I got bored and quit. At the time, I swore by FitDay. I still believe it's a great way to monitor food intake and exercise. Today I found traineo, and naturally I signed up. It looks similar to FitDay, with food and exercise tracking, but there are "motivators" which are supposed to help support you with your goals. I'll update on my progress.

Peak Performance: Success in College and Beyond has a nice website that goes along with the book. There you can find useful reference links. One that I never knew existed until now is called Infoplease. It's an encyclopedia, dictionary, almanac atlas, and more. Unlike, all the material is free to everyone.
  I Don't Think I Like Saturdays Anymore
Saturdays don't have anything to offer me. Alfred works 24 hours on Saturdays. We are sharing a car right now, so even if I wanted to go somewhere I couldn't (lucky for me I don't want to). What has been happening is basically I sleep all day and watch a movie or two. Today I napped on the living room floor until 6pm, then I watched Rent, then I read, then I got a bath. Now I'm here doing basically nothing.

I have a paper due on Monday, but due to my Saturday drain I didn't feel like working on it. I just feel too tired to sit upright on Saturdays. I'm feeling better now, but technically it is Sunday.


I just found my friend Jessie Kozel on MySpace. Trouble is, I don't have an account on that unholiest of places. So Jess, if you happen to Google yourself and find this, call me or e-mail or something.


I think I've mentioned before that I have a strong interest in helping people by volunteering and so forth, and I've enjoyed the sense of giving where I can.

Well, completely by accident tonight I found a new place to help those less fortunate. It's called . Just in case the title of the site didn't give it away, this is a place where hundreds, if not thousands of needy ladies beg and plead to philanthropists about their desperate need for breast implants.

Similar to Children International, they reel in donors with photos of themselves looking downright needy. Who can resist a poor, unfortunate lady posed on all fours eating a popsicle? Who I ask?

Forget AIDS in Africa and buy these sad ladies some breasts. A simple act of selflessness will make you feel warm inside, and what better way to be charitable than to help put synthetic parts on poor girls who can't afford to buy them?

< /end sarcasm >

It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine

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